On Analogue Photography

In fact, we are always striving for the perfection. No matter what project or idea you are working on, without the deadline, it would not be perfect enough by our definition. But when is it enough? That’s what analogue photography taught me. I would not claim to be a photographer, but the importance of analogue photography has a completely different meaning for me.

In a time where many things are simplified and fast, I am enjoying slowing down. Photography now is not a luxury anymore, it’s an everyday occurrence, which is really great, but analog photography has taught me how valuable a single image can be. I like to notice things I wouldn’t normally see and embrace the moment. I like to be careful. I like to be patient. It gives me a reason why I want to capture a particular scenery: the meaning of the moment, becomes a feeling that I want to immortalize by transforming it into a permanent shell.

In the end you might only have one photo maybe, but it’s full of emotions and you’ll always remember when you pick it up again. I remember the first roll I had developed, and you know what? The pictures were awful. But that roll still makes me happy, because I can remember the moment when I shot the pictures with my first analogue camera: “ticayel”. I have learned to appreciate it. Even if the result doesn’t come out the way I expected it to, it’s still a very nice feeling when I am looking at it, because it’s no longer „just“ a photo, it is about the moment. I would say, it is like a perfection of imperfection.

The experience of having a limit was also something I had to learn first, and it gave me a new perspective in my creative process. It was and it is like a new adventure and challenge for me, where I feel like I’m constantly growing. Lastly, I would like to mention that analogue photography has shown me that passion is not necessarily dependent on skill and talent, but rather on how comfortable you feel and how much fun you have doing it.

Hoping for the next exciting years with you ticayel ♡

Merve Saglam
Visual Artist, Illustrator (,Photographer;))
Academy Fellow 2021


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