Love made visible

There are a lot of reasons why I love creating art and I have always had a natural interest in it. I particularly remember a moment in school, I think I was 12 at the time, a very talented friend of mine was sitting next to me drawing on a piece of paper whatever came to mind. I remember it looking so effortless and racking my brain on how she made that blank piece of paper come to life. All whilst looking absolutely happy.

The reason I remember this seemingly uneventful moment years later is because I really think it moved something in me. Seeing someone create whatever they wanted with only their hands and a head full of ideas was so fascinating to me. I wanted to be able to do that as well. This little kid that had always struggled to communicate with words finally found a way to express whatever she wanted. Through art.

I think there lies a lot of power in being able to show people a glimpse of what goes on inside your head and who you are without directly telling them. You could create something very abstract and still find people connecting with you on a level you did not think was possible. The very first art piece I made and gifted to someone was a clumsy, colorful painting of an imaginary flower for fathers day. I felt so cool painting on a professional Canvas with the cheap brushes and watercolors I had lying around at home. Sitting on the dining table, crouching on the chair my eyes focused on the Canvas in front of me. I had absolutley no idea what I was doing but I also had so much fun painting this imaginary flower, using all the colors that felt right and adding so much glitter on it, grinning from ear to ear, excited and full of anticipation for my father‘s reaction when I gave him this masterpiece I had created just for him. I still have that painting and it still reminds me of how happy I was painting it, making me grin from ear to ear whenever I look at it.

In one of my all time favorite books “ The Prophet“ the author Khalil Gibran writes ‘work is love made visible.‘ and I love this because even though it sometimes takes me weeks to finish a piece and there are moments where a blank page intimidates me, everything I create I create with love and sincerity.


Marwa Yasin 

Visual Artist, Illustrator
Academy Fellow 2021