Give It A Try

It started with a Snapchat story then I became attached to social media content creation. Due to the experience I’ve had in social media as a content creator in composing music, vlogging, filming, and producing videos, which was mainly initiated as an attempt to find my core potential, I was and still am searching for the area that I was created for, because I believe that everyone has a great potential in a certain area and all we have to do is search for it, and passion has to be involved in it, otherwise, you’re still not there I guess, because you’ll discover a total creative part of you when you love what you do.

I truly feel happy for the ones who seem reached there, doing what makes them happy with conviction, and I think that is what keeps me motivated to get there too by putting myself through trial runs in different new fields even if they were beyond my interests. This may sound like a long path to undertake, nonetheless, the result would be absolutely worth it.

6 years ago I wasn’t believing in the polished aim of social media platforms, I always thought that social media makes people less social, less productive, addictive, and not real, and I still believe so to an extent. At the same time, I didn’t want to be left behind by what was going on through that dominant phase and the enormous growth of social media. Upon that I found Snapchat the platform where I could use comfortably since it was the only platform based on sharing stories, and I liked the idea of sharing thoughts on a personal visual form that makes others closer to pay attention while receiving recent feeds on the app. It was the appropriate platform for me back then, where I tried different things and got people’s feedback.

An eye-opening experience that is worth mentioning was simply through a friend who sent me a link and literally said: “give it a try” and it was a link for a competition that I participated in and as a result clarified so many aspects that I made me who I am today, and illustrated so many things to the level where it was more inexplicit. I actually found an unrevealed passion that I think I would’ve not found without giving that opportunity a shot. Subsequently, several epiphanies came to mind about how to optimize the influence of my content in order to effectively deliver purposeful videos regarding music, culture, and architecture that are my passion.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been creating content related to the architectural identity of Libya and my efforts have been initiated following my profession as an architect and to the tremendous number of ongoing projects in Libya during this noticeable transformative phase.

Based on the connections forged with other activists, organizations and authorities, I came to the realization that the media, through its different forms, is a potent tool for making a substantial impact in today’s era. Therefore, I’ve adapted to the responsibility of my content’s influence that I believe will one day, soon enough, reflect on the ground.

I continue to seek more characteristics that I’m still not conscious of myself in parallel with growing more aware of the content that I should deliver. One last thing, it’s such a beautiful notion when you inspire others to find their purpose in life while pursuing ours.


Omar Kikhia

Architect, Musician, Producer
Academy Fellow 2021