Why did you start Datteltäter?  

Datteltäter was founded in 2015 in response to German media and groups like Pegida conjuring up false images of the “Islamization of the West”. In order to counteract the negative voices, we decided to respond with humor and satire to take some tension off of the dialogue, through making videos on YouTube. On the one hand, we wanted to use the content to create a Muslim voice in the media landscape with which Muslim youth can identify, and on the other hand, to give non-Muslim viewers new perspectives. If you want to read more about the history of Datteltäter, have a look here

Who’s part of Datteltäter?

Meet everybody in front and behind the camera of our team here.

When will Marcel finally convert to Islam?


I have an idea for a new video. Who can I contact?

You can submit any ideas to info@datteltaeter.com.

How can I join the team/ How can I contribute?

We work mostly with a set cast. However, we’re always looking for people to join us as extras or for our social experiment videos. If you’re interested, please send us an e-mail to info@datteltaeter.de with your contact details (name, age, location, phone number where we can reach you) and tell us a little bit about yourself.   

I want to know more about Islam, where can I get information?

Our content focuses on the realities of Muslims and BIPoCs.  We don’t discuss theological topics in our videos and can’t provide counseling. However, there are a lot of great institutions with theologists for that!    

What do you guys think about hater videos/ the hate you recieve?

You have to live with these kind of things, when you produce content for the Internet. We transform hate into inspiration and create videos like  “Marcel reacts to hate comments”.

Do you all live together?

No. We do work a lot together, but at the end of the day everyone goes to their own homes.  

Are you friends or colleagues?

Actually both. Some of us were friends all along and some of us became friends over time.