Die Bewerbungsfrist ist abgelaufen

On Analogue Photography

and why I am passionate about it by Merve Saglam

The Roles I Play As Artist and Teacher

and how I got here by Elif Batman

About Us

2020 has been a tough year around the world. These challenges fueled our team to work harder than ever one what comes next. We couldn’t be more excited, to announce the launch of our latest project! This project is about telling our stories, the way we want. The way you want.

In 2021, we’ll be launching a fellowship program called Datteltäter Academy, and community is at the center of it all. It’s a 9 month fellowship program, filled with workshops, retreats in Berlin, and incredible mentors. We can’t share all the details yet, but the root intention of it all is to share the knowledge and wisdom we wish we’d had when we started out on our journey as content creators. We don’t know exactly what the future holds, but we hope you’ll join us on this journey to tell better, more fun, beautiful stories.

TO APPLY, head over to the Academy tab!